Report: Akin Camp Pulls Ads From Missouri Airwaves …Update: Akin Camp Refutes Report

The Todd Akin Campaign pulled their TV ads from the Missouri airwaves today.
The Akin Camp also reportedly skipped payment to a Missouri station for an ad they were running.
UPI reported:

Some Missouri TV stations have stopped running campaign ads for embattled Republican U.S. Senate nominee Todd Akin due to lack of payment, KOMU-TV8 reported.

A spokesman for Akin, who has been under fire for remarks he made last month about rape and pregnancy, said Friday the KOMU report is “factually wrong,” The Hill reported.

A message was sent on Akin’s Twitter account saying it was “misleading & wrong” to suggest the campaign was unable to pay for the ads, The Hill reported.

KOMU said Akin’s campaign had bought time through the end of this week but had not paid in full when the station decided Thursday to drop the remaining ads.

Sarah Mcadoo of the accounting department at KSHB-TV, Kansas City, told KOMU her station had pulled Akin’s ads from its advertising schedule for Friday and Saturday.

“No ads were pulled,” Akin campaign spokesman Ryan Hite said in a Tweet. “All ad time has been paid for.

Maybe Huckabee will bail him out?

UPDATE: The Akin Camp sent this update on today’s report. The campaign says it has raised $400,000 online in the last 20 days.


Akin Campaign Blasts False Story on TV Ads

St. Louis, MO: The Akin campaign today blasted a factually wrong and misleading story suggesting that television ads were being pulled due to a lack of payment and implications that the Akin campaign was running out of funds. Perry Akin, Campaign Manager, released the following statement:

“This story is simply false. Our television buyers have paid for every ad that has aired and even bought more ad time today. A political campaign, like an advertiser, makes constant decisions about where and when we want our ads to air. This is standard practice in campaigns across the country. Unfortunately, a particular television station decided to twist the facts and created a story that is simply untrue. We are still on the air across Missouri. However, we will not be doing any more business with KOMU-TV because they have lied.

“KOMU should be ashamed for publishing a false story when they know what the truth is. No ad was pulled because no ad ever airs without being paid for. Ads are only ever “pulled” from the air for legal or ethical reasons, and this ad is 100% accurate regarding Claire McCaskill’s record.

“We are exceeding our fundraising goals and have raised over $400,000 online alone in the last 20 days.”

The campaign added that they bought more broadcast ads and pulled all ads from KOMU-TV because of their unprofessionalism.

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