Surprise!… Chicago Teachers Union President Marches With the #Occupiers, Channels Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That!” Speech (Video)

She’s an #Occupier.

Karen Lewis marching with anarchists in Chicago. (Founding Bloggers)

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis channeled Barack Obama’s “You didn’t build that!” speech at the march. She also made the critical mistake of revealing just how radical she is:

“They are trying to dismantle public institutions. They are trying to take money from us, the public institutions, and transferring it to the wealthy… But they’re blaming us for all of our ills… So these people owe a lot to all of the people on the street today. You don’t make money by yourself. So the key is when are they going to understand that this inequitable distribution of wealth is not the American way. It isn’t.”

This was recorded at an Occupy Chicago rally on October 10, 2011 in downtown Chicago.

Thanks to Morgen for the video.

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