Rumor: Obamas Are Moving To Hawaii In January 2013

The $35 Million estate is reporting as Obama’s next residence.

Apparently, Michelle’s mom is spilling the beans.  A live-in resident of the White House, Barack’s mother-in-law is telling friends of the Obamas’ plans to move to Hawaii in January 2013.  Plans that will include Michelle’s mom, since she lives with them.

Chicago and its corrupt Democratic machinery served its use, so now Barack is done with them.  And, now that he apparently knows it’s all but over for a second term as our Socialist, Massive-Debt-Creator-in Chief he’s making plans to sell his Chicago home and move to Hawaii.

HillBuzz has the scoop,

Barack and Michelle Obama will be moving to Hawaii in January of 2013 and preparations are now being made to purchase an estate in close proximity to land owned by the University of Hawaii, where the Obama presidential library and “political center” will be located.

Here in Chicago, it’s pretty obvious that Michelle does not want to move back to this city and its winters (for any reason) and Michelle’s mother, who’s been living in the White House with her daughter and her family, will be happily making the move to Hawaii as well.

I have a friend whose family knows Michelle’s mother; they have been crystal clear that the elderly Mrs. Robinson regularly says that she’ll be in Hawaii next year permanently with her daughter and granddaughters. There is neither talk of returning to Chicago to live nor of living in the White House for another four years — instead, there’s a sense of “it was fun while it lasted” coming from Mrs. Robinson in her talks with her Chicago friends. …

UPDATE #2:  Found it!  Here’s the only property that matches all the clues we’ve been given.  It is on the market for $35 million, which matches what Mrs. Robinson has been saying about the “$35 million house she’d be living in soon”. …

Who is funding this potential move?

The Obamas’ last home was purchased by a rich felon from Chicago.  So, it’s no surprise that it looks like another rich Chicagoan is going to buy his next home, too…Chicago’s Hyatt Hotel heiress.


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