Hmm… Latest Poll Shows Even New Mexico Is in Play This Year …Update: Romney Ahead in Electoral Votes

The Politico reported:

The state is not being treated as a battleground by either presidential campaign, but an Albuquerque Journal poll finds Barack Obama and Mitt Romney separated by just 5 percentage points there — and former Gov. Gary Johnson pulling down 7 percent as the Libertarian nominee:

Obama drew support from 45 percent of the New Mexico voters surveyed between Sept. 3 and Sept. 6, while Romney stayed within striking distance at 40 percent.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, who also will be on the Nov. 6 ballot, had 7 percent support. Johnson subtracted almost equal numbers of votes from Obama and Romney, according to the poll, meaning his third-party candidacy was not more damaging to one than the other.

More here.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney’s electoral vote lead holds strong through both conventions – Mitt leads Obama 317-179.

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