Rep. Peter King Doubles Down: Obama Administration’s Benghazi Cover-Up Was For Electoral Politics (Video)

Of course it was…
Rep. Peter King (R-NY) doubled-down today and called for UN Ambassador Susan Rice to resign for deceit and/or incompetence. King also accused the Obama Administration of deceiving the American public on the Benghazi terror attack for political gain.

“Either Ambassador Rice was deliberately misleading the American people or she showed and demonstrated such a lack of knowledge and sophistication that she shouldn’t hold that position anymore. The entire administration has handled this wrong from the start. They’ve misinformed the American people, misinformed the world. And, she was their spokeswoman. She showed such a lack of knowledge and sophistication that she shouldn’t hold that position anymore… Virtually everything she said was wrong.

“My belief is that the administration wanted this story out because if it were a terrorist attack, which it was, it would undermine the president’s position that somehow Al-Qaeda had been decimated and implying that Al-Qaeda was no longer a threat. We did have a terrorist attack and four Americans were killed including the ambassador. So I think a lot of it was done for electoral politics to cover the president’s failure.

The Obama administration knew the Benghazi strike was a terrorist attack 24 hours after the attack but kept this information from the public.

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