Pow-Wow… Scott Brown Hits Spitting Bull Warren on Her Phony Indian Heritage

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) hit Elizabeth Warren tonight on her phony Indian heritage.
Warren claimed for years she was Native American.
She’s not.

The Democrat’s favorite phony Indian even contributed recipes to a cookbook, edited by Warren’s cousin Candy Rowsey, of tribal cuisine. Fake Indian Warren lifted her “Herbed Tomatoes” recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.

Boston Herald

Tonight Scott Brown slammed Elizabeth Warren on her lies about her heritage.
The Boston Herald reported:


U.S. Sen. Scott Brown immediately targeted Elizabeth Warren’s purported Native American heritage in a heated exchange that kicked off their first debate, saying she “checked the box,” as a minority when “clearly she’s not.”

“The only way to set the record straight is to release your personnel records … and you refuse to release your records, and I think that speaks volumes,” said Brown, who questioned whether Warren received advantages when she identified herself as a minority on law school directories.

He said the story of Warren’s lineage goes to her character.

“She checked the box claiming she’s a Native American, and clearly she’s not,” said Brown.

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