Oops… Congressional Candidate Joe Kennedy Says Tel Aviv Is Capital of Israel (Video)

Here’s the latest Democrat who doesn’t believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
Sunshine State Sarah reported:

In a recent television debate with his Democratic primary opponents, MA-4 Congressional candidate Joe Kennedy III was asked about the capital of Israel.

Shockingly – especially for a candidate who professes to support Israel – Kennedy replied that the capital was Tel Aviv, and even confirmed his answer when the host questioned him on it:

As this video by Sean Bielat‘s campaign points out, Israel has made Jerusalem its capital. This wasn’t a trick question about some obscure foreign policy issue. Kennedy was asked a straightforward question about one of our most important allies, a country he himself has visited, and he couldn’t get it right.

You can help put a pro-Israel Republican in Congress by donating to Sean Bielat here.

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