Mohammad Morsi Advocates Limiting US Freedom of Speech During New York Visit (Video)

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi told The New York Times this week that his government will be more independent of the United States. He also lashed out at previous US administrations and bashed Israel.

Yesterday Mohammad Morsi spoke at Clinton Global Initiative and lectured America on free speech. He wants laws to make it illegal to insult the prophet Mohammad.

From the video:

“Demonstrations and clashes recently broke out in a large number of Arab and Islamic countries in response to an incident in response to the defamation. We must acknowledge the importance of freedom of expression. We must also recognize that such freedom comes with responsibilities especially when it has serious implications for international peace.”

The Obama Administration wants to forgive approximately $1 billion of Egypt’s debt to the United States. This is in addition to about $1.5 billion in annual U.S. foreign aid.

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