Mitt Romney: Obama Is Yet to “Level With the American People” About the Libyan Terror Attack (Video)

Mitt Romney told FOX News today the Obama Administration is yet to “level with the American people” on the Benghazi terror attack.

FOX News reported, via Free Republic:

Mitt Romney, in a joint Fox News interview with running mate Paul Ryan, accused the Obama administration of failing “to level with the American people” about how the U.S. Consulate in Libya was attacked, leaving the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans dead.

“Look, we expect candor from the president and transparency, and he continues to refuse what is said by the other members of his administration: This was a terrorist attack. We were attacked apparently by Al Qaeda and it is a very troubling development,” Romney said during a campaign stop in Ohio.

Romney’s comments underscored complaints made by Republican lawmakers, who question the administration’s shifting explanation, starting with claims that the Sept. 11 strike was “spontaneous” violence tied to protests over an anti-Islam film produced in the U.S. Obama officials gradually walked back that description, and Obama acknowledged Monday that it clearly “wasn’t just a mob action” — though he did not go as far as to call it a terrorist attack.

Barack is still pushing the line that the 9-11 terror attack by Al-Qaeda-linked groups was some sort of spontaneous protest. Only 23% of American voters agree with him.

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