Mass Arab Attack Continues on Jewish Village

Arabs chuck stones at Israelis in Esh Kodesh in a similar attack last year. (My Right Word)

Arabs attacked the Jewish village Esh Kodesh in a prolonged attack on Saturday.
The assault started when local men were attacked by Arabs with clubs and sticks.
Israel National News reported:

Hundreds of Palestinian Authority Arabs have been assaulting a Jewish village in the Binyamin region since Saturday afternoon, Tatzpit reports.

Residents of the Jewish village of Esh Kodesh reported that the assault began when three men from the community were walking in one of the town’s vineyards on Saturday afternoon, during the Jewish Sabbath.

The men were attacked by a large Arab mob armed with clubs and sticks, residents said. The attackers apparently came from the nearby PA town of Kotzra.

A security team from Esh Kodesh was called to the scene, as were nearby IDF units. The responders encountered hundreds of PA men armed with rocks and other makeshift weapons, and were unable to stop the assault.

Israel Matsav has more.

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