Islamists Desecrate More Than Our Flag – They Attack Our First Amendment

By: Patriot

Tehran 1979 – Cairo 2012

The Islamist third world, stone age, beheaders of the innocent think they know better than our Founding Fathers.  And, apparently, so does Obama’s apologizing Embassy staff.


On today’s anniversary of 9/11, violent Islamists invaded the US Embassy in Egypt.  Their rage was in response to comments made by a pastor in Florida.  So, they burned our American flag and replaced it with their own Islamist one.  If they had our Constitution to burn it would be even more fitting, because what they really want to destroy is our First Amendment.

If a man in Florida wants to speak his mind that’s his business.

In the United States of America we get to do that.  It’s the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights.

Look familiar?

Tehran 1979

Cairo 2012

Obama has become Jimmy Carter.  A cratered economy, foreign policy in shambles…maybe that speech in Cairo wasn’t such a good idea.  At least Jimmy Carter didn’t make a speech in Tehran before they took the embassy.  

Obama owns this.  Interesting that he has his state department apologizing to Islamists for a U.S. citizen exercising his First Amendment rights.

Since when are Islamo-fascist sensitivities more important than our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms?  What a disgrace.

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