Iranian Regime Holds Anti-US Protest – Chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” – Torch US Flag

Liberated Iranian women hold a “Hollywood = Zionwood” sign at an anti-US protest in Tehran today. (Fars)

They torched the US flag. (Fars)

The Iranian regime held a massive anti-American protest today in Tehran. The torched the US flag and blamed Jews for an anti-Mohammad film.
Fars News reported:

Angry students in the Iranian capital staged a massive rally and burnt the US flag in a show of protest against the sacrilege of Islam in a US movie which has aroused anger across the Muslim world sparking protests in Libya, Egypt and Yemen.

The Iranian students burnt the US flag in front of the Swiss embassy in Tehran – which hosts the US interests section in Iran – to condemn a blasphemous movie against Islam.

The Iranian students also chanted “Death to the US” and “Death to Israel” slogans, and expressed disgust at the US and the Zionist regime’s anti-Islam policies.

They also asked the Muslim world to grow united and stage worldwide rallies in condemnation of the US-Zionist sacrilege of Islam.

Iranian people in Tehran and other cities across the country also plan to stage protests on Friday at the desecration of Islam in the sacrilegious movie produced by an Israeli-American man in the US.

Outrage is growing across the Muslim world over the five-million-US dollar movie that was financed by more than 100 Jews.

Egyptians held a fresh demonstration against the blasphemous movie outside the US Embassy in Cairo in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Iranian protesters carry anti-Israel signs at their rally today. The latest rumor is that 100 Jews helped pay for a crappy film about Mohammad. (Fars)

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