Hezbollah Leader Issues Warning From Beirut: “Today’s Rally Is Beginning of World-Wide Action”

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah strongly condemned the film that mocks Islam and Prophet Mohammad today at a Beirut rally.

Nasrallah told supporters that today’s rally was the beginning of world-wide action.
Naharnet reported:

46 minutes ago- Nasrallah: We will not remain silent over the insult against the Prophet.
49 minutes ago- Nasrallah: Today’s rally is the beginning of a world-wide action. The recent developments must motivate Muslims to unite for common goals.

50 minutes ago- Nasrallah: This failure will continue the abuse against the Prophet.

51 minutes ago- Nasrallah: The Islamic world’s failure to come up with international laws that incriminate abuse against Islam will be tantamount to an offense against the Prophet Mohammed.

53 minutes ago- Nasrallah: The U.S. must realize that broadcasting the entire film will have very dangerous repercussions in the world.

53 minutes ago- Nasrallah demanded that the film no longer be shown over the internet and that the U.S. take action to this end.

54 minutes ago- Nasrallah: Some sides have not yet realized the extent of the offense against the Prophet Mohammed.

55 minutes ago- Nasrallah: We witnessed the Islamic world’s outrage over a 15-minute movie. What will happen if the whole film is shown?

56 minutes ago- Nasrallah: Those who abuse the prophet will meet a holy punishment.

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