Here We Go… Far Left Crank Klein Attacks Netanyahu For Not Bowing Down to Obama and Islamists

Far left crank Joe Klein from TIME lashed out at Benjamin Netanyahu for not bowing down to Barack Obama and for taking the Iranian nuclear threat seriously.
Netanyahu should know better.

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Via Mediaite:


Time‘s Joe Klein stopped by Morning Joe Wednesday, where he decried Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s chiding of the White House, calling his comments “brazen” as well as “disgusting.”

…Here’s what Klein had to say about Netanyahu’s recent actions:

I don’t think I’ve ever, in the 40 years I’ve been doing this, have heard of another of an American ally trying to push us into war as blatantly and trying to influence an American election as blatantly as Bibi Netanyahu and the Likud party in Israel is doing right now. I think it’s absolutely outrageous and disgusting. It’s not a way that friends treat each other. And it is cynical and it is brazen. And by the way, a little bit of history here: In December of 2006, George W. Bush went over to the Pentagon, met with the joint chiefs of staff and asked them, “What do you think about military action in Iran?” They were unanimously opposed to it. And as far as I know, the United States military, the leaders of the United States military, are unanimously opposed to it to this day. This is a fool’s errand. It would be a ridiculous war with absolutely no good coming of it.

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