Former Israeli Ambassador Slams DNC For Dropping Jerusalem from Platform: “It’s a Very Ominous Sign” (Video)

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman slammed the DNC today for dropping Jerusalem from their 2012 platform.
“It’s a very ominous sign.”

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations:

“Well Martha I’m obviously, as most Americans are, very disappointed and very worried. Because this is not just forgetfulness, this is not omitting Jerusalem, this is removing Jerusalem. In a way it’s this administration’s withdrawal from Jerusalem… Removing it, to me, is a very ominous sign.”

More… The Knesset Speaker said Obama’s true face was revealed by erasing Jerusalem from DNC Platform.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

Knesset speaker says Democrats’ removal of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from platform is a bigger problem than disagreements on Iran, may have far-reaching consequences; Ariel: Obama’s true face is revealed.

US President Barack Obama’s administration does not understand the realities of the Middle East, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said Wednesday, amid ongoing speculation of a rift in US-Israel relations.

“The fact that the Democrats removed a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from their platform is more worrying than the argument over Iran,” Rivlin told The Jerusalem Post. “The change may have far-reaching consequences.”

…According to Rivlin, anyone who thinks that dividing Jerusalem will bring peace is mistaken, and does not understand the Middle East. “A united Jerusalem will help bring peace and stability,” he stated.

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