Eagle Forum XLI With Phyllis Schlafly in St. Louis

I am sitting on a panel this morning at Eagle Council XLI in St. Louis this morning.

Phyllis Schlafly, at 88, was sitting up front front during the conference.

How to Influence Culture Through the Media:
Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit
Gretchen Logue TruthinAmericanEducation.com
Ben Evans Heritage Action
Nick Eicher World Magazine

Nick shared these three things about successful reporting:
1.) Reporting drives commentary
2.) Narrative is at the heart of stories that make a difference
3.) Narrative with People – How does it affect people


Ben encouraged the audience to become conservative internet lobbyists.
We need to push our own message out there.

Gretchen discussed her important online work in education.

My brother Joe was back in St. Louis from Hong Kong. He came out with me this morning.
Here we are with Phyllis.

I also ran into John Fund, the author of Who’s Counting, and Stanley Kurtz (pictured above) who I greatly admire.

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