Chicago Teachers Union Official: “This Is Our Arab Spring!” (Video)

An official with the Chicago Teachers Union told Al Sharpton today,

“This is our Arab Spring… This is not just confined to Chicago.”

Because the Chicago teachers, the highest paid teachers in the country making an average $76,000 a year, are so mistreated.
Via The Radio Equalizer:

Hat Tip Dr. Dr. Jo Jo and Ed

Here is the transcript:
Al Sharpton: Tell us why the Chicago Teachers Union has called a strike? The first time in 25 years.

CTU official: It’s about … justice. We are in a time nationally where our students, black and brown students, let’s be very clear, are under the pressure of privatizers who want to collect off the pathology that plagues our communities. That’s what’s going on here in Chicago.

Al Sharpton: Stacy, let me ask you, what does the city need to do to bring this strike to an end the situation that would be acceptable to the teachers? I understand the historical and institutional problems and agree with it. What would resolve this matter right now?

CTU official: Well you know what’s interesting Rev. Al, is that this is sort of like an Arab Spring right here in Chicago right now. Currently there are five locals, AFT(?) locals, who are experiencing similar issues here. 11 NEA locals have filed intent to strike within the last year. So this is not just confined to Chicago.

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