Chair of the California Democrat Party Compares GOP & Paul Ryan to Nazi Joseph Goebbels

Their policies suck. The economy is in shambles. They bet the farm on the Stimulus and it failed. They’ve hit rock bottom.
So now they’re lobbing verbal bombs at the Republican nominees.

The Chair of the California Democrat Party trashed GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan for “lying” about the Janesville GM Plant, even though Paul Ryan was absolutely not lying.
Freedom’s Lighthouse reported:

Besides his potty-mouth attack on Ryan in this video, it is being reported that John Burton also likened Ryan and Republicans to Nazi Propaganda Minister “Joseph Goebbels.” Never mind, it’s the Democrats who have falsely called Mitt Romney a “felon,” and suggested he was responsible for the cancer death of a woman. That’s just for starters. The audio of Burton’s “Goebbels” remark is supposed to be available shortly.

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