Another Lie… Wasserman Schultz Says She’s ‘Middle Class’ But Has Second Home in New Hampshire, Drives Luxury Cars

Living Large – Taking Charge…
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz likes to say she’s just your average ‘middle class’ American.

She likes to rip on those evil rich people with their Swiss bank accounts.
She likes to rip on “secretive” and rich Mitt Romney for not releasing his records.

So it it might surprise you when you find out this Florida Democrat is hiding a second home in New Hampshire.

And she drives luxury cars with ‘DWS’ on the license plate.

Oh, and she’s done quite well with her stock purchases these last few years, too. It looks like this “middle class” label is just another DWS lie.

** Stop This Madness – Dump Debbie and Support Karen Harrington for Congress.

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