Another One Bites the Dust… Wind Turbine Plant Obama Cheered in 2010 Lays Off Two-Thirds of Workforce

Barack Obama visited the Siemens wind turbine blade plant in Fort Madison, Iowa in April 2010.
He praised the plant as a green energy success story and saying, “Investments in clean energy technologies can help return jobs to the country’s heartland.”
Maybe not.

It was another bust.
Siemens Energy Inc. announced today that it will lay off around two thirds of the workforce at its facility in Ft. Madison.
WGEM reported:

Siemens Energy Inc. says that it will lay off 407 workers at its facility in Ft. Madison, around two thirds of the workforce.

Siemens spokesperson Melanie Forbrick says around 220 workers will be retained in Ft. Madison. The layoffs will not take effect before Nov. 19.

Forbrick says the company took an evaluation of the functional categories of the wind turbine plant and many of the workers laid off will be based on a “last in, first out basis.”

The wind energy equipment manufacturer says it will lay off a total of 615 workers in Iowa, Kansas and Florida in part because Congress has not renewed a tax credit for wind energy. Fort Madison Partners Executive Director Tim Gobble says they will work to find new jobs for these employees…

…Siemens opened the Fort Madison facility in 2007 with 230 employees and grew to over 700 employees in September 2011, during a time the plant celebrated its 5,000th turbine blade being shipped.

The facility was a feature stop for President Barack Obama during his “White House to Main Street” tour in April 2010.

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