Al-Qaedistan Rising: Islamists Invade Tahrir- Parade OBL Poster Around Square After Friday Prayers

Islamists parade a massive Osama bin Laden poster around Tahrir Square in Egypt following Friday prayers today. The Muslim Brotherhood announced a massive rally after the 4 PM prayer service at the local mosque. (Al-Ahram)

Islamists tore up an American flag today in Tahrir Square and replaced it with an Islamic flag.

The graffiti on the US Embassy reads, “Take care America. We have 1.5 billion Bin Ladens.”

The protesters threatened the US Ambassador Anne W. Patterson.

Protesters set fire to police vehicles during clashes with riot police along a road which leads to the U.S. embassy, near Tahrir Square in Cairo September 13, 2012. Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi said on Thursday he supported peaceful protest but not attacks on embassies, after Egyptians angry at a film deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammad climbed into the U.S. embassy in Cairo and tore down the U.S. flag. He pledged to protect foreigners in Egypt. (REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

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