AL-QAEDA OFFSHOOT GROUP HELD MASSIVE MILITARY PARADE in Benghazi Just Weeks Before US Ambassador Was Murdered (Video)

Radical Islamist groups including Shariah Guardians Brigade, an Al-Qaeda linked group, held a massive military parade in Benghazi 90 days before US Ambassador Chris Stevens was slaughtered at the US Consulate.

In June hundreds of people staged a mass demonstration in Benghazi’s liberation square in a show of force to demand the adoption of Islamic law (Sharia). Waving black flags embossed with “I bear witness there is no God but Allah” and “Mohamed is the prophet of Allah,” sharia guardians rallied for Islamic law.
Press TV reported:

Libyan Islamic groups, who played a major role in the revolution that unseated former dictator Gaddafi, were severely repressed under his rule. They believe the revolution was first started as part of Jihad against God’s enemies and that process is ongoing until the whole country is totally and utterly liberated from non-Islamic values.

The parade was held just days after the US Consulate in Benghazi was bombed with an IED.

In fact there were four Islamist attacks in Benghazi since June.


Yet, despite these Islamist attacks and warnings, the Obama Administration refused to provide even “standard security” at the consulate compound on 9-11.  Today four Americans are dead including the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

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