Al-Qaeda Group Urges Muslims to Purge Americans and Kill More US Diplomats (Video)

How’s that hopey-changey stuff working out you?
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula praised the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens in a statement released earlier today.
The terror group also urged Muslims to purge Americans from Muslim lands and to kill more US diplomats.
The terror group also said the attack was a revenge

Al Ahram reported on the terror group’s statements.

“Whoever comes across America’s ambassadors or emissaries should follow the example of Omar al-Mukhtar’s descendants ( ibyans), who killed the American ambassador,” Al-Qaeda branch in Yemen said, referring to Tuesday’s attack on the U.S. consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi, as a reaction to U.S.-made film mocking the Prophet Mohammad which the statement described as another chapter in the “crusader wars” against Islam

“Let the step of kicking out the embassies be a step towards liberating Muslim countries from the American hegemony,” a statement posted on an Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) website on Saturday said.

Fury about the film swept across the Middle East after Friday prayers, with protesters attacking U.S. embassies and in protests that killed at least seven people and prompted Washington to send troops to bolster security at its missions.

“The film published in America which insults our Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, comes as part of the continuing crusader wars against Islam,” AQAP’s statement said, referring to European wars in the region some 1,000 years ago.

“The incident is so huge that the resources of the nation should be pooled together to kick out the embassies of America from Muslim lands,” it said.

AQAP, mostly militants mainly from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, is regarded by the United States as the most dangerous branch of the network founded by Osama bin Laden.

The group has used Yemen, a key regional U.S. ally, to plot attacks on the United States. Washington has backed a Yemeni army campaign that drove al Qaeda and its allies from their southern stronghold this year.

The Obama Administration ordered non-essential staff to leave Sudan and Tunisia this past weekend.

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