After All of This Time & All These Deaths… Obama Still Thinks the Problem Is Al-Qaeda and Not Radical Islam (Video)

Sometimes as we focus on the economic disaster created by Barack Obama here at home, we forget about his dangerous foreign policy.

After several years of Islamic radicals murdering our soldiers and innocents across the globe Barack Obama still believes Al-Qaeda is the only threat facing America. He seeks peace talks with the Taliban as they continue to slaughter our soldiers. He reaches out a hand to Hezbollah as they blow up a busload of Jews in Bulgaria. He looks the other way as fundamentalists murder Christian churchgoers in Nigeria in the name of Islam. To Obama, Al-Qaeda is the only threat. It is a dangerous and naive view from an immature and stubborn president.

Today at the 9-11 memorial service at the Pentagon Barack Obama reiterated that the battle is against Al-Qaeda and not radical Islam. Then a few minutes later Jonathan Schanzer from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told the FOX News host that a conservative estimate is that 300 million Muslims are radicalized to some degree.

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