Unhinged Crank Chris Matthews Gets Into Heated Exchange With GOP Delegates …Update: MSNBC Producer Involved in Shoving Match

It was a rough week for Tingles…
Unhinged crank Chris Matthews got into a heated exchange with GOP Delegates on Friday morning after the convention.
The Hill reported:

MSNBC host Chris Matthews got into a heated exchange with Republican delegates at a Tampa restaurant early Friday morning following the conclusion of the GOP national convention.

Matthews was booed and sworn at as he was leaving the Tinatapas restaurant, which is near the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Matthews turned back and confronted the taunting GOP officials. The Hill witnessed the exchange and interviewed Republican delegates after the confrontation.

Matthews told The Hill in a phone interview that after he left the restaurant, he heard a group of guys “heckling” and “hooting and hollering” at him.

He headed back into the restaurant to mix it up with them. “I wanted to confront them,” Matthews said, describing his exchange with the men as “towel-snapping” among guys.

Matthews said he told the rowdy group, “What’s this, a douchebag convention?”

The Republicans became angry and retorted back.

“I told him that’s next week,” said New York delegate Anthony Nunziato, referring to the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., that will start on Tuesday.

Tingles is losing it.

UPDATE: Another fight broke out late on Thursday when two men started shouting “Tingles” at Chris Matthews while he was on air. An MSNBC producer started shoving the men.

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