PIG David Letterman Accuses Koch Brothers of Running “Dirtbag Multinational Corporation” (Video)

David Letterman accused the Koch Brothers of running a “dirtbag multinational corporation” on his show last night. He also accused Republicans of being gropers and sexual perverts.
Projection, anyone?
NewsBusters reported, via Orbusmax:

NewsBusters has the transcript:

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: Many politicians – it seems like here lately it’s Republicans – are getting themselves in trouble. So the Republican National Committee got together and said we have to have a standard way of handling these situations when members of the Republican Party do ridiculous things. They put together a template for how people behave after they’re caught doing something ridiculous. Watch this.


ANNOUNCER: We here at the Republican National Committee offer heart-felt apologies to the good people of — name of state here — for the behavior of — name of Congress person here. We were appalled that the Congress person offended people who are – gender, sexual orientation, race or religion here – with his – insensitive remark, suspect behavior in restroom, naked frolicking or general grab-ass here. This message from the Republican National Committee was paid for by — blowhard casino tycoon or dirtbag multinational corporation here.

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