Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader: Arab Spring Broke Security Chain Around Israel

Cairo, Egypt, Tahrir Square, National Unity Day, Friday prayers, May 13. Israel hung in effigy (Photo thanks to CiF watch, h/t Armaros, Atlas Shrugs)

Thanks Barack.
The leader of the Islamic Jihad told Iranian reporters that the Arab Spring revolutions broke the security chain around Israel.
Fars News reported:

Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran Abu Sharif stressed that the recent popular uprisings in the region have harmed the interests of Israel and are breaking the security chain around the Zionist regime.

“These developments (popular uprisings) in the region are in the interest of the regional nations and against the interests of the Zionist regime and have disturbed the power balance between the supporters and opponents of the Zionist regime,” Abu Sharif said.

He pointed to the blows struck at the Zionist regime since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, and stated, “30 years ago, the Islamic Revolution in Iran inflicted great damage on Israel. The deterioration of relations between Turkey and Israel was the second blow at the regime and (Hosni) Mubarak’s fall in Egypt was another blow.”

“If the regional changes reach Jordan, the Israeli regime will lose the last part of its security chain.”

Political analysts believe that Zionists are fearful of the ongoing Islamic Awakening in the region since the movement has toppled Israel’s allies, such as Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, and empowered Islamists who follow Iran’s path in their foreign policies.

Since the start of 2011, the region has witnessed a growing wave of popular protests resulted from the people’s growing awareness and vigilance.

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