Oops! Obama Goes Off TelePrompter, Tells Audience: If You’re “Lucky Enough” You Make It to the Top 2% (Video)

Oops!… Obama goes off Teleprompter again.
Obama tells a Council Bluffs, Iowa crowd, “If you’re lucky enough… You make it to the upper 2% .”

This was after Obama pushed his vision for America where “prosperity is shared.”

The Washington Examiner reported:


One month to the day after his infamous ‘you didn’t build that’ speech, President Obama’s description of wealthy people did not include “smart” or “hardworking,” as he instead ascribed their success to good luck.

“If you’re lucky enough, and fortunate enough, and been blessed enough to be in the other two percent, the top two percent, you still get a tax cut for your first $250,000 of income,” Obama said during a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “All we’re saying is after that, maybe you can do a little bit more to help pay down this deficit and invest in things like education that help our economy grow.”

Obama avoided the cringe-inducing soundbite, but his remarks echoed the sense of his “you didn’t build that” speech in Virginia.

Obama also repeated his “brother’s keeper” line.

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