Muslim Leader Attacked at “Tolerance in Islam” Conference (Video)

Abdelfatah Mourou, a prominent Tunisian Muslim leader, was attacked this week at a “Tolerance in Islam” Conference.

Abdelfatah Mourou, moments after the attack (Tunisia Live)

Tunisia Live reported, via Jihad Watch:

Yesterday, Abdelfatah Mourou, a prominent Tunisian Islamist figure, was hospitalized after he was attacked by an attendee of a conference entitled, Tolerance in Islam, which he was heading in Kairouan.

The assailant struck Mourou in the head with what appeared to be a water glass following a dispute. Mourou passed out and was taken to the hospital, where he was given five stitches in the forehead.

Mourou, who is one of the founding members of Tunisia’s eminent Islamist Ennahdha party, was chairing the conference with Ridha Belhaj, the head of the ultra-conservative Hizb-ut-Tahrir party, and Youssef Seddik, a well-known Tunisian philosopher.

“Certain people intervened, and tried to force Youssef Seddik to leave. They started insulting him, claiming that he said bad things about Sayida Ai’cha – the wife of the prophet. I tried to convince those people that this is not true and that it was not Seddik who said that. I was there, and, on the contrary, Seddik tried to defend her,” Mourou explained in an interview with Tunisian radio station Shems FM

In response to the attack, Morou [sic] said, “I am fine now, the damage is moral… We are here to speak about tolerance, but those people are ignorant of true Islam. I don’t know what his [the attacker’s] political orientation is, and regardless, this is not part of Islam.”…

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