Michelle Malkin Takes on the Biased Media, the DHS Smear and the #Occupy Cleveland Terrorists

Michelle Malkin, Jim Hoft, Dana Loesch, Ben Howe and Chris Loesch at Right Online in Washington DC in June

As you know by now, Michelle Malkin will be joining us in Cleveland, Ohio on August 18th to call out the corrupt media on their biased and irresponsible reporting. We will shine a light on the media’s dishonest coverage of the attempted violent bombing planned by members of Occupy Cleveland.
We will put the media on notice.

Today Michelle Malkin wrote about the #Occupy Cleveland 5 in her weekly column.
Part of her column is posted below.


As you read my column below, bear in mind this new report that the Obama administration ordered that the the General Services Administration give special treatment to law-breaking Occupy protesters and dwell on the media whitewashing of the Occupy Cleveland terror plotters.

If you are in the Ohio area next week, we will be calling attention to the double standards and Occupy coddling of the MSM smear merchants. I’ll join my longtime friend and blogger extraordinaire Jim Hoft and Hating Breitbart director/documentarian Andrew Marcus at Occupy the Truth, Cleveland OH, August 18th, Willard Park/Freestamp Plaza, 11am-1pm. COME JOIN US!

Revisiting the DHS Smear of the Tea Party Movement
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2012

In the wake of the horrific Sikh temple shootings in Wisconsin, left-wing barrel-scrapers are demanding that talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives apologize for criticizing a 2009 Department of Homeland Security report that hyped an ominous new wave of violent “rightwing extremism.”

I don’t apologize. I call foul.

The media lowlifes who exploit every tragic shooting to silence their law-abiding, First Amendment-exercising enemies are tearing this country apart. “Progressives” have had free rein to libel and slander peaceful, liberty-loving citizens — while whitewashing the violent plots and criminal behavior of their ideological counterparts. No more.

Read the rest here.

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