Media: Obama Is Still a Draw on Campuses… Even Though His Crowds Are Much Smaller

Obama is sucking raw egg on college campuses right now. For some odd reason the unemployed youths are not flocking to hear the great orator like they did in 2008. In fact Obama takes only 49% of the youth vote today – down 17 points from the 2008 election.

So how does the media report this…
“Obama still a draw on college campuses”The Gazette-Times reported:

The crowds may be smaller and the candidate grayer, but college towns are still proving to be President Barack Obama’s best shot at enthusiastic audiences.

More than 26,000 people combined showed up to hear the president speak during his three-state college town tour this week, which ended Wednesday with a rally near the University of Virginia. The crowds at the outdoor rallies have tilted younger, underscoring the Obama campaign’s efforts to target college students as they return to school and re-energize a constituency that was critical in propelling Obama to the White House.

“Change was possible because you made it possible,” Obama told 7,500 people at a pavilion near the University of Virginia. “So you can’t get tired now because we’ve got more work to do.”

The school declined the campaign’s request for the president to speak on campus, saying it would disrupt classes on the second day of the semester.

By the standards of most presidential campaigns, Obama is speaking to impressively large audiences. But Obama is being held to the standards he set in 2008, when the youthful candidate with the rousing speeches attracted jaw-dropping crowds.

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