Leftie March on RNC a Major Bust – Hundreds Not Thousands Turn Out

Hundreds not thousands turned out for the leftie March on the RNC this morning.
If that.


They were hoping for 5,000 but only 500 turned out.
Tampa Bay reported:

Dozens of law enforcement officers swarmed to Perry Harvey, Sr. Park on Monday during the Coalition to March on the RNC when several Black Bloc members arrived at the rally.

“There are some potential troublemakers mixed in,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff David Gee.

Officers and deputies kept a close eye on protesters as they marched toward the Tampa Bay Times Forum. National Guard officials watched overheard from an overpass near Nebraska Avenue. Some law enforcement officers videotaped the protest.

Earlier on Monday, organizers had arrived at the park to kick off the Coalition to March on the RNC on Monday. About 5,000 demonstrators were expected.

But by midmorning, as Tampa felt some minor effects from Tropical Storm Isaac, the number of protesters out at Perry Harvey, Sr. Park didn’t reach 500. There were as many journalists as there were protesters.

I’m heading down there now. Hope to post an update later today.

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