It’s a Big F**king Deal… Biden Gets Benched

This is a big f***ing deal.
Joe Biden gets benched.

Joe Biden was sent back home to Delaware today after his embarrassing gaffetastic week. It was such a bad week for Joe that even Meghan McCain called him an idiot.
The Daily Caller reported:

Vice President Joe Biden is going home to Delaware.

The updated White House calendar for Aug. 17 reports that “in the morning, the Vice President will meet with senior advisers. Later, the Vice President will be in Wilmington, Delaware.”

“There are no public events scheduled,” said the 5:36 p.m. White House announcement, titled “Daily Guidance for the Vice President.”

Biden’s retreat home during the increasingly frenetic 2012 race comes amid increased criticism for his campaign-trail performance.

Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receivd a $20 million federal loan to open foreign luxury car dealership in Ukraine.

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