It Begins… Salon Crank Joan Walsh Ties Paul Ryan to So-Called “Irish Mafia”

It took Salon editor Joan Walsh over 24 hours to come up with this outrageous attack.

Liberal crank Joan Walsh says Paul Ryan is part of “Irish Mafia.”
From Salon:

Paul Ryan was born into a well-to-do Janesville, Wisc. family, part of the so-called “Irish mafia” that’s run the city’s construction industry since the 19th century. When his lawyer father died young, sadly, the high-school aged Ryan received Social Security survivor benefits. But they didn’t go directly to supporting his family; by his own account, he banked them for college. He went to Miami University of Ohio, paying twice as much tuition as an Ohio resident would have; the in-state University of Wisconsin system (which I attended) apparently wasn’t good enough for Ryan. After his government-subsidized out-of-state education, the pride of Janesville left college and went to work for government, where he’s spent his entire career.

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