Greg Gutfield Blasts ‘D-Bag’ Adam Smith for Abusing Female Chick-fil-A Employee (Video)

Greg Gutfeld weighed in on “d-bag” Adam Smith, the now jobless pig who abused a female Chick-fil-A employee at a drive-thru this week.
Via Daily Caller:

The DC has the transcript:

“‘I feel purposeful’ — what a d-bag,” Gutfeld said. “I mean, what a brave man, never using his name, posting the video under an alias, filming a woman without her permission, as she only tries to serve him. So, under the guise of tolerance we sanctioned bullying. Congratulations sir, you’ve officially become everything you have been complaining about all these years. You’re a big, fat, stupid jerk.”

Gutfeld compared Smith to the Chick-fil-A drive-thru window attendant.

“What a wonderful contrast — here you have a sweet, hard-working woman trying to do her job, maintaining an amazing amount of grace,” Gutfeld continued. “And before her — a prostitute for attention. Mind you, the hateful harasser stressed he was straight. Does he worry that people think he is gay, as if that’s an insult? Maybe he did all of this to mask his own homophobia. Now, when seeing this woman’s poise under persecution, you got to ask: Whose side are you on? It’s not about gay or straight or freedom versus tyranny, it’s heroes versus zeros. Because when the temporary conflicts dissipate, and they always do, the only one left holding the bag is that young lady at the counter. She couldn’t care less who the dope sleeps with. She does her job and will keep doing her job long after we moved on to something else. Although I bet that guy is still in the parking lot recording his sad and lonely commentary.”

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