Gay Kid Admits He Made Up Hate Crime After Cops Receive Video of Him Hitting His OWN HEAD in Failed Backflip (Video)

Joseph Baken said he was beaten in a hate crime.
Here’s what really happened:

Face-plant… Ouch!

The Daily Mail reported:

A young man who told police he was beaten up in a would-be hate crime appeared in court today admitting that he made the entire incident up.

The story of Joseph Baken travelled from Missoula, Montana across the country when a picture of his scratched and bruised face made waves on the internet.

Now, Baken has declared in court that he made the false police report after video surfaced of him attempting to do a back flip and failing.

Police officer Scott Brodie says the decision to file charges was partially due to the fear and anger prompted by his claims.

Now the same anti-homophobia sites are criticizing Baken, saying that he was making light of an issue that is extremely serious to many who are true victims of hate crimes.

The only shining examples in this case? The Missoula police and officials who Montana activists are praising for their swift and sharp response to the claims.

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