Former Obama Campaign Co-Chair Calls Biden’s Remarks: “Racial Viciousness” (Video)

Former Obama Campaign Co-Chair Artur Davis called Joe Biden’s recent remarks “racial viciousness.”
In North Carolina this week Biden told an audience that Republicans will “put y’all back in chains.” Davis spoke with Wolf Blitzer yesterday.

Artur Davis will speak at the RNC convention in Tampa this year.
The Washington Post reported:

Former congressman Artur Davis, who officially seconded President Obama’s nomination at the 2008 Democratic convention, said Wednesday that he will cap a remarkable political metamorphosis by addressing the Republican convention this month — calling for Obama’s defeat.

Davis, 44, who served in the House as a Democrat from Alabama from 2003 to 2011, said in a telephone interview that he has been given a speaking slot at the Aug. 27-30 Republican convention in Tampa. He said he was not sure yet of the day on which he would speak.

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