Dick Cheney on Obama: “Here’s a Man Who Doesn’t Believe in a Lot of Those Things Most Americans Believe In” (Video)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was on with Sean Hannity tonight. The former Vice President said this on Obama,

“Here’s a man who doesn’t believe in a lot of those things most American’s believe in.”

Sean Hannity: What do you think you know about him (Obama) now or believe about him now that you didn’t believe four years ago in terms of his ideology, philosophy, governing philosophy?

Dick Cheney: As I looked at him back in that time frame, of course, we’re on our way out of office, not running for anything in 2008. And, what I thought was if he wins this is going to be a traditional typical Democratic administration. Liberal, certainly more liberal than I would have liked. Um, that’s not what’s it’s been. It’s way over there to the left…


…And, I think what’s happened, at least in my own conviction, is here’s a man who who doesn’t believe in a lot of those things most American’s believe in. In terms of a strong international role for the United States of America. We’ve got all kinds of developments in the Middle East and he’s heading to the exits. And, our friends and allies over there, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, countries over there that look for the United States for leadership… And what they see is the United States heading for the hills and pulling out as fast as we can.

I think as far as the economy, I think the whole thing was encapsulated in that statement the other day that “if you got a small business you didn’t build it somebody else did.” I’ve got friends that that’s been the success story of their lives. That is one of the great success stories of America that we can do that sort of thing in the United States. Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate it or understand it or have any sympathy whatsoever. He thinks everything that happens that’s good in the country comes from the government.

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