Arab TV: Jews Use Blood of Children for Passover Matzos (Video)

Blood libel is alive and well.
On a recent television segment, Saudi Cleric Slaman Al-Odeh explained how Jews use human blood for Passover matzos.

MEMRI reported:

The Elder of Ziyon reported, via ROP:


Al-Odah’s topic was – Jews.

He spoke approvingly of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as well as an Arabic book called “Stones on the Chessboard” with a similar theme.

Al-Odah engaged in a bit of Jew-washing, approvingly referring to Norman Finkelstein as for his “courageous positions against the Holocaust” narrative, saying it is greatly exaggerated and that Jews set up museums to play up sympathy for themselves.

He said that Jews are the most racist people, and that the Koran describes Jews as treacherous and murderous. He also said that the final battle between Muslims and Jews is soon in coming.

The “doctor” talked about the fact that the Arabic translation of the Talmud is being sold at the Riyadh Book Fair, and he approves, because he says that the translation are a weapon for Muslims to prove the mentality of the Jews.

Al-Odah then went on to say that the Talmud and other Jewish holy books demand the murder of non-Jewish children in order to make matzoh for Passover, and he said that this is documented historically as well as in an Arabic novel called “The blood of the unleavened bread of Zion.”

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