Taliban Shoots UN Polio Doctor and His Driver in Karachi

In 2007 parents of some 24,000 children in Pakistan refused to give their children immunizations after a radical Muslim clergy opposed the local polio vaccine plan.

Also in 2007, a Pakistani health official in charge of the campaign to inoculate children against polio was killed in a bomb blast, following rumors the vaccination was a US plot to sterilize them.(AFP/File/Ali Arif)

Thanks to regional paranoia to vaccinations, each year 400,000 new cases of TB are reported in Pakistan.

Now this…

The Taliban opened fire on a UN vehicle in Karachi wounding a foreign polio doctor and his driver.


The Nation reported:

Armed men opened fire on a UN vehicle, wounding a foreign doctor working on a polio immunisation campaign and his local driver in Sohrab Goth area of Karachi on Tuesday.According to police sources, unidentified gunmen sprayed bullets on UN vehicle (X-68-3686) when it was moving towards Hassan Noman Colony located behind Al-Asif Square. The injured doctor, identified as Constand-Dedo, son of David Rahoja, received single bullet in his abdomen and was shifted to private hospital.Sohrab Goth SHO Muhammad Sultan said the African doctor was among a team of UN polio workers. He was going to launch the polio campaign at Hassan Noman Colony. The police officer said it was premature to say anything about the incident as investigation was underway. Agencies add: The shooting highlighted resistance to a widely publicised three-day vaccination campaign, which began Monday. The Taliban have banned immunisations in the northwest, condemning the campaign as a cover for espionage since a Pakistani doctor was jailed after helping the CIA find Osama bin Laden using a hepatitis vaccination programme.“A WHO vehicle was fired upon with gunshots. One international staff and one local driver were injured in the incident,” Maryam Yunus, spokeswoman for the United Nations’ World Health Organisation, told AFP.

And, just think, these ignorant baboons want to rule the world!

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