Street Thugs Beat Gay DC Couple Late Sunday Night (Video)

A group of young street thugs beat a Washington DC gay couple breaking one man’s jaw and cheekbone. The thugs jumped them after they left a restaurant early Sunday morning.

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NBC Washington reported:


A hate crime investigation is under way in D.C. after a gay couple’s night out ended in a brutal beating.

Michael Hall Jr. has a broken jaw and a fractured cheekbone following the attack Sunday morning. The 29-year-old yoga instructor was operated on at Howard University Hospital Monday.

His parents, Mike and Gail Hall of Colonial Beach, Va., worried for their son’s safety when he moved to the District nine years ago.

“Every morning, get up and turn Channel 4 news on and see if he was alive or not, who got killed or stabbed,” Mike Hall said.

“My biggest nightmare was that this would happen eventually,” Gail Hall said.

The Halls got the phone call they always feared Sunday morning.

Michael Hall Jr. and his boyfriend, Michael Roike, were heading home from a restaurant just after midnight Sunday when they were ambushed by about five teenagers in the Eckington section of northeast D.C.

“Four or five kids just came out of nowhere without any warning,” Roike said. “We didn’t think it was a robbery because they didn’t immediately ask for something. They just came out swinging and hitting.”

A woman and her boyfriend went to their aid and managed to get them to safety.

Roike said he’s not sure if he and his boyfriend were attacked because of their sexuality.

More… JTT added: Funny how police are quick to attribute it as a hate crime when a protected group like gays are involved but never use that when run of the mill white folks are victims.

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