Sorry Brad… MO Lt. Gov Candidate Says He’s a “Job Creator” But His Carwash Is a Coin Operated Garage

State Senator Brad Lager is running for Missouri Lt. Governor.

Brad Lager says in his ads that he’s “a small business owner who knows how to create jobs.”

But earlier this week Brad Lager was forced to admit that he left the wireless company, Northwest Missouri Cellular (NWMO Cellular), back in 2001 and is no longer on the company’s payroll and never actually owned the company.


Then there’s this…
Lager says he’s created jobs but his Squeaky Clean Carwash doesn’t have any employees.

The Sqeaky Clean carwash in Savannah, Missouri is coin operated.
You wash your own car.

No employees.
The only one working at the Squeaky Clean Carwash is you.
And you’re not getting paid.

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