Senator Brown Does It Again… Uses Past Presidents to Attack Today’s Socialist Thought Leaders Obama and Elizabeth Warren (Video)

In 2010, candidate Scott Brown released a brilliant ad comparing himself to old-school Democrat John F. Kennedy.

Today he did it again…
Senator Scott Brown nailed it with “Let America be America Again.”

The video opens with inspirational speeches from former U.S. Presidents, including John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Lyndon B. Johnson, praising American free enterprise and small business owners, who in the words of President Reagan, represent the “gateway to opportunity for those who want a pieces of the American Dream.”


The ad then cuts to President Obama’s recent remark that, “if you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” which echoes Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren’s infamous comment at a house party last year.
This is a great ad. Well done, Senator Brown.

The Weekly Standard reported:

Republican operatives in Washington are praising Scott Brown’s latest campaign ad. The ad, a contrast spot being run by the Republican Massachusetts senator, shows that Brown’s Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, is to the left on economic issues of John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. Watch here:

…”Powerful,” says one top Republican Senate staffer. “I think Brown is touching on a central nerve of American body politic. It’s a model for others to follow if they get as lucky with an opponent so far out of touch with American ideals.”

The Senate staffer explains: “Americans want to believe in the American dream. Hard work, good morals, commitment to ethics and a little ingenuity can take you anywhere–that’s what our parents taught us, that’s what makes this land the beacon of hope for billions around the world–and if you’re a candidate who disagrees with that fundamental view of America, then you don’t deserve to represent Americans in the Senate.”

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