Rush Limbaugh on Romney at NAACP: “Mitt Romney Was Snow White With Testicles… Got Booed Because He Is White”

Rush Limbaugh discussed on his show the NAACP activist’s rude behavior yesterday during Mitt Romney’s speech.
Rush says Romney was booed because he is white.
Via the Right Scoop:

From the Rush Limbaugh website:

RUSH: Romney showed up today at the NAALCP convention, and Snerdley came in here, “Oh, yeah, he did great. He was great.” And Karen Finney, this real locoweed commentator over at MSNBC, “Well, you gotta give Romney credit for showing up, for being willing to go.” Is that right? We’ve gotten to the point where he gets credit for going? I mean say what you want about the NAALCP, they’re still human beings, they’re Americans. Credit for going? Every presidential candidate goes to the NAALCP. McCain went, didn’t he? Bush went, didn’t he? Name for me one that didn’t. (interruption) Oh, Obama hasn’t gone? (laughing)

At any rate, here’s what Karen Finney said, “It’s more about your actions than it is about what you say.” That’s a crock. Not with that group. It’s totally about what you say. Obama has devastated the black community in this country economically, literally devastated them. It’s totally what you say. Not your actions. But remind me again here, folks, ’cause before Romney showed up at the NAALCP, we had Fox on, and Alan Colmes was on there… I was gonna say something, but I’m gonna dial it back. Alan Colmes was saying that Romney doesn’t care about people. He doesn’t care about the poor. He doesn’t care about black people. He doesn’t care. He’s totally out of touch. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about people in poverty. He doesn’t care about people that are suffering and hurting. He doesn’t care…

…The NAALCP thinks it ought to be free at Walmart — or at cost, at least, at Walmart. Look, in Romney’s time at Bain Capital, he helped save or start over 150 companies. Staples. Burger King. You think any of those companies ever hired a black person? Do you think they did? I wonder what woulda happened if Romney woulda told ’em that? Boos? Accuse him of racism, tokenism? What woulda happened? How come Romney doesn’t pick up a black accent when he goes in there and talks to the NAALCP?

That’s what Obama does. Obama brings out the Selma twang when he heads in there to the NAALCP. And Hillary. (impression) “I ain’t no ways tiiiired.” Then they stand up and they give Hillary a cheer, and Obama says things like (impression), “Well, my grandfather came down here with the po’.” They scream, “Right on, dude!” And they stand up for a standing ovation! Romney goes in there today, and he sounded like Snow White with Testicles. That’s not what this bunch wants to hear

…Obama doesn’t show up anywhere, other than before an audience of college kids or union people. That’s it. You won’t see Obama at the NAALCP. He’s gonna send Biden, tell some sex jokes, or whatever else Biden’s gonna end up gaffing. But Obama’s getting nowhere near it. Now, Romney did and will. Romney will speak to venues like the NAALCP. He’ll go into enemy territory. Obama will not. And who’s the president of the United States and who’s the candidate? Obama’s the Preezy. Jimmy Fallon: “Obama’s the Preezy of the United States.” And he doesn’t dare show up.

He’s confident they’ll boo Romney, simply ’cause Romney’s white. He’s confident of that. But he knows that he’s gonna have hell to pay in private meetings with these people. He’s not gonna get anywhere near it. So what an insult. Here’s Obama sending Biden, not going himself. On the campaign trail, talking about how great his economy is, how great the recovery is, how much better it’s gonna be, and how much he’s gonna be doing for people. So Romney takes advantage of the occasion. He goes there and makes a speech that is, really, I think over these people’s heads, in the sense that his audience was much larger than just inside the convention hall. He’s got the media there, and here’s an opportunity for Romney to be himself, tell everybody what he stands for, what he believes, what he wants to do, what his problems are. It doesn’t matter if he gets booed.

By the way, he got a standing O at the end of it. After all of that he did get a standing ovation at the end of his speech at the NAALCP. I don’t know how many news media will report that. But I think it’s an insult to send Biden to the NAALCP, first black president, election year, can’t show up to your convention? Behind closed doors, I’m telling you, and this is Democrat cloakrooms all across the country, there’s panic, there’s fear, and they know that they are in trouble.

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