Palin Wows Em in the Woodlands at Rally For Ted Cruz

Sarah and Todd Palin joined Ted and Heidi Cruz on stage tonight in The Woodlands. (

Sarah Palin wowed em in Texas tonight while stumping for conservative Ted Cruz. reported:

On a village green in The Woodlands, north of Houston, Friday evening, an enthusiastic crowd of approximately a thousand tea partiers joined U.S. Senate hopeful Ted Cruz in a “Yes, We Can” chant parodying the current occupant of the White House and gave a rapturous welcome to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who told the crowd that those “who cling to our guns, God and Constitution” have a friend in Cruz.

A relaxed Cruz, wearing boots and faded Levis, his wife Heidi standing on an outdoor stage with him, told the crowd on a hot, sultry evening they had the power to restore the U.S. Constitution, retake the U.S. Senate, retire Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, repeal Obamacare and “retire President Barack Obama.” The crowd responded with a long ovation. “That, my friends, is change we can believe in.”

Palin, who endorsed Cruz before the May primary, also mocked Obama, who predicted during a recent Texas trip that the Lone Star State soon would become “a battleground state.”

“There will be an Alaskan-sized blizzard on the Brazos before Texas turns blue for Barack,” said Palin, who wore dark sunglasses and black boots given to her by Gov. Rick Perry, who’s backing Dewhurst. Palin assured the crowd they would all be back on the same team after Tuesday.

Earlier in the evening, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., the leader of the Senate’s tea party caucus, predicted a landslide Cruz victory.

“We’re on the two-yard line,” Cruz told the crowd. “It’s the very end of the game. We have marched the entire length of the field, we started out deep in our end zone – we started out up at the hot dog stand – and I tell you the other side has brought in the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers to guard that end zone. But we are facing a battle to push those final two yards. I gotta tell you that collectively when the men and women here got us to this runoff, there was a collective shriek of terror from the Austin political establishment.”

Palin spent most of her 20-minute remarks lambasting Obama and what she called “the permanent political class” in Washington.
Palin called Cruz’s election “a come-to-Jesus moment.”

“There is good news,” she said, “and that is, there is nothing wrong with America that a good, ol’ fair election can’t fix.”

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