MISSOURI SLUGFEST… Top Democrats Duke It Out in Ugly Twitter Brawl

The worst fear for Missouri Democrats has come to pass.
Local Democrats were hoping the race and rhetoric between U.S. Reps. William Lacy Clay Jr. and Rep. Russ Carnahan would remain civil. The two top Missouri Democrats are battling in the August 7 primary over who gets to remain in Congress. It’s getting really ugly.

Today the St. Louis street brawl moved to Twitter.

The two top Democratic congressmen went at it in an epic Twitter slugfest.

Virginia K. captured the CarnahanClay action:

Clay was quick to play the race card – warning Democrats that Carnahan cannot deliver the black vote like he can.

Clay even attacked the Carnahan clan for taking $200 million taxpayer dollars to fund their family wind farm.

And, just think, they still have two weeks to go before the election.
Get your popcorn. It ought to be a thriller.

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