Team Obama: Venezuela Is Not a Security Threat – But Liberty Loving Conservatives Are a Threat

In 2008 Barack Obama told his supporters that “tiny countries” like Venezuela and Iran did not pose a serious security threat to the United States.

Once again… Barack Obama told a Miami Spanish-language television host this week that Hugo Chavez in Venezuela did not pose a serious national security threat.
The Miami Herald reported:

Oscar Haza, a well known Miami Spanish-language broadcast journalist and anchor, scored an interview this week in Washington with President Barack Obama in which Obama said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has not posed a “serious” national security threat to the United States.

The full interview aired Tuesday night on A Mano Limpia, Haza’s nightly show on WJAN-Channel 41, better known as América TeVe. The show had shown portions of the interview Monday night, with Haza live in D.C., and teased to the president talking about Cuba and Venezuela.

But, liberty loving conservatives are a threat. Obama’s latest DHS report warns that conservatives and liberty lovers are a real threat.
Go figure.

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