Obama: Most People Would Acknowledge That I’ve Tried Real Hard (Video)


He’s tried hard at golf – 100 rounds.

Barack Obama told an Ohio television station, “Most people would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard.”

Real Clear Politics reported:


“I suspect that most people in Cincinnati would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard, and we haven’t gotten the Republicans to engage on a whole range of issues that, I wish had happened,” Obama said in an interview with WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Part of what I think needs to happen in this election is the voters once again have to send a message, ‘We want common sense ideas. We don’t folks who are just saying no to everything. Even stuff, traditionally [they] were in favor of,” Obama said.

Well, he has tried real hard at spending your money. He’s tried real hard at pushing a far left socialist agenda. He’s tried real hard at fundamentally changing America. You’ve got to give him that.

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