Obama Lowers Flags to Half Mast After Aurora Shootings – Had to Be Pressured to Lower Flags After Ft. Hood Shooting

Within hours Barack Obama ordered flags to be flown at half mast yesterday following the horrible theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. But when 14 military men and women were murdered by a fundamentalist Islamist at Fort Hood Obama had to be pressured to lower flags.
Maggies Notebook reported, via Free Republic:

When 14 persons (one unborn), most of them military personnel on the base at Ft. Hood, Texas, were murdered by Islamic terrorist and U.S. Military Colonel Nidal Hasan, America’s flags were not lowered to half mast until the next day. Today, by at least 2:30 pm EDT, the order came down from on high to lower our flags in a sign of mourning for the victims of today’s shootings inside an Aurora Colorado movie theatre showing the much awaited Batman: The Dark Knight Rises…

…In the case of Ft. Hood, Obama had to be bullied into the national gesture of mourning by Texas patriot, Anita Ross:

FYI… the White House/staff had no intention of lowering the flags…in fact, early Friday AM after the “closet Muslim terrorist” had finished his “atrocity against Army” warriors, the flags were raised to “full staff.”

Anita burned up the phone lines in D.C. and in Texas…Congressmen/women…Governor Perry’s office…White House…all heard from her as she “assaulted the arrogance” of the clueless bureaucrats who mostly despise our military…demanding that honor be shown by lowering the flags.

She was stonewalled, ignored, shunned…everywhere but in Texas.

When it became obvious that the Liar-in-Chief and his team were completely ignorant, insensitive and insipid toward the “atrocity” (not “tragedy”) at Ft. Hood…Read the rest of the story at Pam Geller’s

It’s just another bizarre chapter to a totally bizarre and predictably anti-American presidency.

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