Obama Attacks Whitey: “Don’t Listen to Your ‘Uncle Jim’ That Watches Fox News” (Video)

Four years after attacking Americans who “cling to their guns and religion,” yesterday in Virginia Beach, President Obama openly mocked average Americans like “Uncle Jim…watching Fox news.”

Evidently, Obama thinks attacking “whitey” is a good campaign move.

How sad.

In response to the attack, the Romney campaign released this statement today:


“Every day, President Obama hits a new low. It is sad and shameful that President Obama would mock America The Beautiful. But sadly it’s not surprising for the man who launched his presidency with an apology tour. The ‘Uncle Jims’ of our country – as he condescendingly calls middle-class Americans – don’t believe in mocking America The Beautiful and don’t believe in apologizing for America.”

More… Mad Hatter added:

And don’t listen to your Uncle Marvin that watches MSNBC.

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